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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February....where did it go....oh wait, I wasn't ever here for it

Toby Keith playing to a floor full of wounded war soldiers. I was good til he played American Soldier....then the tears started, for me and everyone else in that arena!
In case you don't recognize him....that's Gibson uner that hat....we were in Texas, what do you expect!!!
Mutton Bustin...(I think that's what its called) HILARIOUS!
The little boy that won!
Of course it snows for the first time since 85 while we were there. This is a pic of the snow out our window!

February just kinda few by....we were in San Antonio, then straight from there to Orlando, home for a week, which was of course JA Ball week, then last week were in Steamboat Springs. Vacation for Gibson and most of the rest of my family, work/vacation for me! We had a GREAT time in all 3 though, but glad to be home. Granted I am leaving again next weekend for a few days, but after that, I am home bound til May (at least I think I am!!!)

Anyway, San Antonio was great other than the fact it was only, oh 20 degrees. The weather said it would be 45 while we were there....not quite....We did NOT pack appropriately so we didn't do too much. That and the fact that our hotel was great, but 20 minutes from downtown. We stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country, great resort....for warm weather....not alot to do when its 20+! We did hit up the rodeo while we were there which was a lot of fun. Other than a spa visit, some shopping and a brief trip to the Riverwalk....that was about it! Gibson was in meetings most of the time so we didn't do too much!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Years Resolution....ummm in Feb

My New Year's resolution is to blog more....mainly so I can look back and remember things about Synar since her baby book is not the best (ummm, its TERRIBLE) SO, you see how I am doing. HOWEVER, I read something tonight on another friends blog that really motivated me to try. Doesn't have to be anything major but I AM going to really try to start blogging more often. Of course I picked THE busiest month of my year to start this, San Antonio, Disney, JA Ball, and STeamboat ALL in the month of Feb. OH JOY, but here goes....

SO, tonight Gibson is at Does with people from Scott Petroleum. Synar was playing in the tub (where she stays for an hour if we let her...just keep refilling with warm water) Anyway...I was on the phone with a friend about something semi-ball related. As I am hanging up Synar is saying mama, mama and holding out her hand to give me something, I stick my hand out as I am hanging up the phone (NOTE: not really paying attention) I hang up and look down....what has my sweet, PRECIOUS child put in my hand....a wad of poop. Yes, as in the kind that comes out of her booty. This makes about the 7th time she has pooped in the tub...first for handing it to me though! For real....why does she only do this while I am bathing her and NEVER while Gibson is bathing her? Anyway....after my mild freak out....AND to call Jane back and tell her about it (friend I was talking to) I drain the tub (slowest draining tub ever) clean the tub, re-rinse and put her back in it. I guess I could have taken her to ours, but ours takes forever to fill and is REALLY deep which makes it hard to bathe her unless you are in it too. Just sharing the joys of parenthood!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Synar and a Bulldog....

brief update...I know I keep saying it but I am a TERRIBLE blogger. Do have an excuse now. Something is wrong with my little digital camera so I am having to use my big ole Nikon. Which I love but isn't the best for traveling. SO, until I get it back and take more pics with my is a precious one from the SEC tournament. Yes, we had a blast. The Bulldogs played an AWESOME game and my heart hurt for them. They wanted it SO bad. STILL, cannot believe we lost and didn't get into the tournament...but I knew they just weren't going to let us in. ANYWAY, not the best pic since my aunt took it with her cell phone but adorable anyway. Synar was just staring up at Barry Stewart and he was looking down at her. It was SO cute.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Children

I think the photos explain it all....nothing else needed! Oh and I added a few more Christmas pictures, sorry!


When we FINALLY opened Christmas at our house....around the 2nd week in January!

Braden loving on sweet.
Notice the outfit.....I gave him a cowboy outfit for Christmas, he loved it...he wore it until I tried to take a picture of him...then he got teased.
Hard at work playing with their new toys.
Synar playing with Braden's new computer...take note of Smith's outfit in the background.
Synar opening presents at Memamma's and Big's.
Family photo at the Henry family Christmas

Smith, Evie, Synar, Mary Grace, and Katie....cousins
My big girl!
Getting ready for her Christmas party at daycare!

I know it has been a really long time since I posted. We have just had so much going on. First of all, I have ZIPPO good pictures of Christmas because Gibson and I both had the stomach flu on Christmas Day....NOT fun. Since then, we have become EXTREMELY mobile which means I am chasing Synar all day long. She is growing like a weed, pulling up on EVERYTHING on earth...somtimes says Da Da, loves to clap and laugh and wave bye bye. Oh and we still have ZERO teeth! I am hoping this means she has REALLY good teeth once they come in! Well, I have a ton of work to catch up on and the JA Ball is this week (my last year in charge thank goodness) so that's about it for now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pics from San Francsico and the wine country!

Gibson and I in the limo on day 1!

Marney and I at dinner at Gary Danko's in San Francisco.
Someone had a little too much fun before the 49ers game...this was around halftime out in the parking lot.
Our boatride with captain Darrell in the window
Outside the Castle...can't remember the name of it, but it was gorgeous from the outside.
Ready to cruise on our bathroomless yacht!
At the piano bar after dinner...the guys wanted to go to bed...Marney and I have other plans...and I am not sure why there is a shadow on my mouth
We are now Segway masters! So much fun

Gibson with Alcatraz in the palm of his hands
Marney and I outside the 49ers stadium...note we are OUTSIDE it, not inside it while the game was going on....long story!

The first winery of the day!

Headed to the "bucket"
Gibson and I after dinner at Gary Dankos.
That is what I thought about the sealions!
The fireplace in our room where Gibson and I hung out every night!
Gibson and Marney headed to another winery
I really dont' think we were dancing....not really sure at this point
Gibson and I at Sterling winery....the views were gorgeous...just wish the sun had come out while we were did RIGHT after we left
Paul and Marney in the limo
Gibson and Paul braving the rain
All of us at Ty Canton in Sonoma
Paul, Marney, Me and Gibson at our first winery! "Bob" was the photographer. He was our limo driver although we couldn't understand what his name was, so we just called him Bob, he was great!
We stayed at the Sonoma Mission Inn in Sonoma, loved it. ESPECIALLY loved the fireplace in our room...Gibson and I just sat on our couch in front of the fireplace, drank wine, and chilled. It was WONDERFUL. We ate at Maya (a Mexican restaurant) which was pretty good and Saddles (steakhouse) that was FANTASTIC! We liked both Napa and Sonoma both, but thought Sonoma was a little more low key than Napa! San Fran was great as well. We did a Segway tour...which was fun, but we didn't see to much, TRIED to go to a 49ers game (that's another story), took 2 boat rides, had dinner at Gary Dankos's (ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS) and hit up a piano bar. It was a GREAT trip and one that was very much needed. There are lots more stories that we will leave in California, but I do have to share one with you.
We were down at the waterfront and decided to take a boat ride. Marney and I are handling this while the guys are downing a few beers and wings at Hooters (lovely, I know) Anyway, we see this one fairly nice boat that you can go on for $15 per person, and hour and a half ride out to the Golden Gate bridge and back, a great bathroom, and you can bring your own food and drinks...PERFECT! So we go get the guys and head back. When we get back we notice another slightly smaller boat that is the same price but takes a max of 6 people. We ask if we can pay for the two extra people so he will just take us. He agrees and off we go. There were these two little seats on the front of the boat, perfect for two people to sit on, we had blankets, our AWESOME captain Darrell, and loaded down with 24oz Coors Lite (that's all we could find) So we head out of the harbor and I happen to turn around and ask...oh, you do have a bathroom right!!! To which Captain Darrell replies, oh yeah, I have a bucket.......ummm, not quite what I asked. Of course we were drinking beer, and we all know that does to the bladder...SO, you know the rest of the story. It was HILARIOUS! We wound up having so much fun that Darrell took us out for a 2nd cruise the next day. It was a blast, so if you are ever in San Fran, hit up Darrell for a ride...I can tell you how to find him if you are interested!